What Is SEO and Why Your Business Can’t Do Without It

What do you usually do to attract new customers to your local business? One of the aspects of attracting quality traffic to your local outlet is making products and services known to the public that outshine other similar competing businesses. When the question “what is SEO” pops up in your mind, the answer to it in simple terms is nothing more but making it very easy for internet users to find your business online. 


In this age of the internet, running any business without an online presence makes it difficult to attract new clients every day. Plus, competing against brands offering similar services or products will be very challenging. 

At this level, let’s assume you’re past establishing an online presence (optimized website, social media marketing, email marketing, etc.). The big question now lies in how you make it possible for internet users to find your business effortlessly. That’s where SEO comes in. 

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) refers to the process of attracting and increasing the quantity of quality traffic that streams to a website using organic search engine results. That is, search engine bots should crawl your website with ease and rank your web page as the first item on the first search engine results page for the queried phrases.  That way, users are more likely to click on it. 

Studies conducted over billions of queries show that more than a quarter of all Google searchers often click on the search result page’s first organic result.  That means every entrepreneur should strive to have their website listed on the first results page, if not at the top.  

Breaking down SEO in details

We’ve addressed the “what is SEO” question in brief. But to make it understood even better, let’s look into what SEO entails. 

There are some jargons you’ve encountered in our introduction. These are what define SEO. 

Web Traffic

Web traffic is the number of users who visit a website searching for information, a product, or a service. Traffic can be from a marketing strategy, a search, or a referral. 


Traffic Quality 

When users visit your website because Google listed it to have what they’re looking for, we say that the traffic is quality. If you have what a buyer is looking for, they’re more likely to make a purchase. But it will also be dependent on other factors such as pricing.

Traffic Quantity

What will make your chances of executing successful conversions is the quantity of quality traffic your website receives.  After getting quality traffic, increasing the numbers is crucial to ensure you get more sales. 

Organic Traffic

Organic traffic comes from unpaid ads. It refers to the visitors who find their way to your website through unpaid search results. They’re algorithmically calculated and not dependent on or affected by payments made by the advertiser. 

How SEO Works

As already highlighted, SEO is a collection of the best practices to put your website in a better position of being found with ease by users. Since almost everyone uses search engines to find a website that offers what they want, SEO will ensure your site ranks better in SERPs. 

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There are two SEO strategies: on-page and off-page. 

On-page SEO

On-page SEO encompasses various activities you can do on your site to enhance your search engine rankings. These include ensuring your site is mobile-optimized, loads faster, has the right keywords, user-friendly content, header texts, and so forth. 

Companies may have their internal teams that take care of all these aspects to ensure the business is visible on the internet. But the most recommendable option is delegating the duty to a skilled third-party SEO service provider. 

Off-page SEO

Off-page SEO refers to any activities done by other sites that can directly or indirectly affect your website’s search engine rankings. Primarily, these are website links. 

Addressing the “what is SEO” question often goes along with mentioning both on-page and off-page strategies. Effectively implementing the required SEO strategy is crucial in ensuring that your website can be found where it needs to be. As such, it requires time, lots of expertise, and how to implement the strategies.

When you succeed in overpowering all other strategies implemented by your competitors, your website will rank number one consistently. Since SEO entails many other factors, we like to think of the first ranking website as the winner of some sort of triathlon. 

Search Engine Bots

You’ve probably heard or come across this term somewhere. Bots are nothing but intelligent website crawlers that analyze millions of websites in milliseconds to find relevant data and feed it to search algorithms.

 The algorithms then index the data in the order of most relevant content and return the findings to the results page. Google search bots are the most effective and intelligent on the web today.

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What to do to improve your SEO ranking

If you just recently learned about SEO, several activities can help you position your website at a better place to be found by users. 

Ensuring you have engaging content will get your audience glued to your site. The right keywords will ensure your website is found by search bots when a specific keyword phrase is queried. 

Mobile optimization is equally crucial. The global mobile users are increasing every day, which is why you need to leverage mobile optimization to attract as many users as possible.

If we’re to answer “what is SEO” comprehensively, it will require lots of resources to do so. But once you’ve grasped the primary idea behind SEO, implementation becomes easier. Working with the right SEO company will relieve you from the stress of doing it yourself and allow you to give your business more attention.