What is Online Marketing?

On page Optimization

Online Marketing aids in boosting business. It increases the topline of your financial statements. Internet has opened up access to a tremendous pool of resources. So don’t keep yourself behind in the race by delaying your investment in online marketing. Nowadays people expect that every company should have a good online website and presence on social media handles. 

This builds your brand which gives you more confidence and makes your business gain more veracity in the market. You can further strategize your online presence to maximize traffic, to get more conversion opportunities and to improve the existing ones.

A successful online marketing presence stands on three foundational pillars – Web designing, Search Engine Optimization, and Search Media Optimization. You must have heard these terms but with this reading clear your understanding in an enormous way.

What is Web Designing?

Web designing is an art which is an integral part of the digital marketing of an organization. Web Designing has two major aspects. One is user-experience and other is responsive and adaptive design. In user experience, UX designing focus on user requirements and business objectives. It includes website development instead of software development. With responsive website designing, the webpage responds quickly by moving the content dynamically with change in screen size, platform, or orientation. Adaptive website designing includes developing various fixed size screen layouts and components. Although responsive design takes more effort to develop, it doesn’t demand much maintenance in the long run.

Let’s talk about elements of a website.

There are two categories of elements-

  1. Visual Elements
  2. Functional elements

Visual elements include content, font, images, videos, etc. At first comes written content and website design. A good webpage blends both of them lucratively. Then comes the text font. The font size, color and font-type are decided as per the writing style, target audience, and the business entities. Diverse audience has its likes and dislikes but to capture the maximum audience, a website has to be perfectly designed. Expert UX-UI designers design websites aesthetically and professionally with appropriate font size, good color combination, and perfect layout. We have two broad categories of colors- warm and cool. Selecting colors for a website is determined by various factors such as product offerings, company branding, country’s culture, and so on. Colorful figures on a webpage helps to attract visitors. They act as nectar to a bee in flower. They tend to keep visitors for a longer duration on the website. These are also used for highlighting important messages which require immediate attention of the visitors. For example- discount offers, new products, exclusive products, important information, etc. can be displayed winsomely over the webpage using intricate designs, colors, and shapes. Other visual elements are images, icons, videos, etc. which shall be placed in synchronization with the theme of a website and company’s branding image.

Talking of functional elements of a webpage, navigation takes the topmost priority. Any website design directs a user to navigate it in the way designer wants to. That navigation is decided after brainstorming with client to fulfill the business requirement. It helps first-time visitors of a website to discover new offers and discounts, to identify all the service offerings, and finally to accomplish the task for which he/she has visited the website.

You may have a very well designed and attractive website but it is of no use if it is slow. Yes, a speedy website is always a user’s preference. A good website should load quickly and help the user with quick search results. Animation on the website is another functional element that is often used for grabbing user’s attention. There are some basic user interaction principles which increase the usability from the user perspective while clicking, scrolling, and typing on the webpage. For example audio or video on a website should not be auto-played, texts should not be underlined unless it is a hyperlinks, a link should be provided on the top of the page if page’s length is more than the length of a screen, pop-ups shouldn’t be there, all website elements should be mobile friendly etc. The most salient feature of a website is its compatibility across devices. In today’s era, every person has more than one device with him- mobile, tablet, laptop, etc. and each device is available in different screen sizes. A person starts navigating through a website on one device and ends his transaction on another. Owing to that, a website should look uniform across devices so that visitors don’t get confused. They should get a similar experience while browsing on different devices.

How does designer proceed with his work?

As a first step, an expert designer understands the business requirement by having detailed discussions with the client. Then he creates a blueprint to accommodate all essential elements. Finally, he presents the prototype to the client. This approach leaves no surprise element for the client. The agile model adoption is essential. It increases transparency, improves the quality of the final product, and with stakeholder engagement at every step results in predictable delivery. An online digital marketing company in Orange County provides the best web designing services with its experienced, committed, and talented workforce.

What is SEO?

SEO- Search Engine Optimization is the most important element of digital marketing. Let’s take Google’s example where on a single day more than 2.2 million search queries are performed.

Any writer invests six to seven hours in quality writing to publish the content on a website. But still the website fails to come on top of the search results. Reason is that only WordPress publishes more than 2 million posts every day. To overcome this problem SEO acts as a magic wand. Only 20 minutes of investment in SEO of an article written in hours can rank it on page one of a search engine.

SEO is a technology that helps you to rank your content, website, webpage to the top of the search result of a search engine organically and without making any payments.

Now, coming to the fact, most of the online visit starts with a search engine, and we tend to click only top 5-10 results. In the rarest case, we switch over to the next page. Bringing your website to the first page among top rankings is the objective of every firm.

Let us now understand how does it work?

The search engine has more than five hundred factors that decide the ranking of a weblink. Google has developed its algorithms and web crawlers provide you with the best matching results. As per the information publicly shared by Google, it stored the web content in the form of an index. So we can say that the index is like a digital library.

Now, when a user searches for anything on the search page, Google algorithms work so fast that in a fraction of seconds, they sort all the webpages and immediately show relevant results to the searcher. Google displays the result in many useful formats to help the user with content he/she is looking for. Results are also segregated with its type- videos, maps, news, images, etc.

Zooming on the search engine web crawlers, let us understand how millions of billions of websites get sorted in a fraction of seconds?

A sitemap helps the web crawler to browse through all the pages of a website. Crawlers follow the links present on the site maps or on the webpages, and grab all the information and store it in particular format. Title of the page, Meta description, and Meta tags come handy to get the brief content on a webpage. While doing all this, system keeps a note of keywords, updated content on the webpages, freshness of the content, fresh links, dead links and creates an index like what is available at the back of a book- where we have keywords along with page number for reference. So whenever one searches for something on the search page, the crawler begins its work with keyword search in the index and then redirects those relevant links at the top of search results.

What is SMO?

SMO refers to Social Media Optimization and it is comprehensive management services for social media handles. Social media is in itself a new world altogether. There is hardly a person who has a mobile, and internet service but not a social media account. Social Media account is a secondary and informal identity of a person. We all feel comfortable in an informal environment. We like to interact more and spend more time in informal settings. Hence, social media can provide a convenient shopping experience.

Why not make optimized use of social media handles to perform at par with the competition.

Now, let us learn how can we incorporate social shopping into our marketing strategy?

Any user spends most of their time browsing newsfeeds on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. To cite an example- let’s suppose a user has an interest in sports, Facebook tends to show that user all the related ads for instance a sports shoe commercial. Out of his interest, he might stop at that ad but doesn’t make a purchase decision. When he feels the need of purchasing a shoe, he recalls that ad or it may be possible that on his next visit to the page, after seeing more relevant shoes ad, he makes up his mind to purchase the shoe.

Social media store can help a business to target the advertisements to the right set of audience precisely and accurately. It promotes your brand and builds your brand equity and awareness. It drives new sales, identifies prospects, and engages potential customers with products. The social media community becomes the universal set to identify your target audience.

Seeing the advantages of social media commerce, now everyone is moving forward to make the best use of this opportunity. Experts suggest a few pointers while doing SMO. The first advice is to avoid friction. Yes, it happens most of the time due to friction users remain prospects and don’t become customers.

What is this friction?

When a user sees an advertisement on an Instagram page, he/she finds the link in bio which redirects to an external page. But most of the users are not at all interested in leaving their current page. So friction is the term used to describe the resistance of the user to leave the current website and to open another. So in order to allow them to enjoy the seamless experience while they click on the published advertisement requires expert help.

How to set-up your online store?

There are two ways to develop an online store.

One is to use the platform to display your items, and set-up a payment gateway. This is the easiest way to sell online.

The second one is to build your website and link that to a platform. You can develop advertisements that run on the social media pages.

Going with option one is easier but it has very limited options and becomes very difficult to manage it in the long run. While the second option requires technical knowledge and it is advisable to hire the best online marketing companies in Orange County to get the best results. It has tremendous options, one can design the site in a way he or she wants, and it is also very easy to manage such an online store in the long run.

The ultimate objective of SMO is to gain public attention by sending the right message to the right audience at the right time on platforms like- Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Yelp, Google Places, Yahoo Local, other video sharing websites and blogging sites.

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