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Our high-quality video marketing service will enhance the way you present your products and services to your customers. Let us harness the capability of videos to engage customers like never before. Carnegie Marketing’s team will help you produce video marketing campaigns that maximize your customers’ buying potential.

In-Depth Story Outline & Content

Do you need animated videos or perhaps live-action clips? No matter your needs, once you get started meeting with our representatives, we are here to create the outline that will merge audio and visual elements that will help convey your vision better to your customers.

It has been said that videos are the perfect platform and media to reach your target audience as they connect with these people on a deep emotional level. We utilize creativity and audience insights to package the video with the content that your audience wants to watch.

On-Location Filming

Set aside video marketing services providers that do not make an effort to gather original clips and merely create animation videos or piece together old videos. While they can be useful, it is better to create original videos.

We shoot videos on location according to your brand and requirements. We coordinate with trained videographers, creative directors, and producers to create the video production recipe that suits your needs and your client’s tastes. Will you require on-screen talent? Let us do the work for you.

Campaign Videos

One of the effective types of videos is campaign videos to attract the attention of your viewers or your customers. We study what your products and services are. We talk to you about your branding and piece them together to create impactful and effective campaign videos to convert your customers into buying clients.

YouTube Video Marketing

There are several purposes of how your video clips will be utilized. It could either be presented in your events, it could be shown in your business meetings, or it could be presented in one-on-one sessions with your clients. But the next big media landscape that will let you share videos with the community is through YouTube.

YouTube is the place to be when you are marketing visually. Our team will evaluate your YouTube channel to ensure we have everything in place. We also create your original video or video ads, those 30-seconders that look just as professional as the campaigns you admire in the video-sharing platform.

Different Types Of Videos

Videos are not a one spectrum visual art. Your video consists of different types, including web demos, product videos, studio clips, explainer videos, video testimonials, video blogs, event coverage, motion graphics, and event photography. Let’s craft the visual media you need to share about your products and offerings to your clients.

7 Reasons Why You Should Adopt A Video Marketing Service

Marketing through videos provides benefits more than what you can imagine. Are you ready to usher your business endeavors to a whole new level?

Videos will boost your sales and conversions

Videos will turn you significant profits. When you add a product video on the landing page, you can increase your conversions, similarly with other forms of videos. This media also increases sales.

They will Provide you with More Significan t ROI

Business owners believe that videos provide the most satisfactory investment return, faster than any other marketing strategy. Nowadays, online video editing tools are continually helping businesses improve, and thus are more affordable. Remember, your videos should be watchable and compatible with your smartphones, tablets, and more.

Compared with images, videos will build credibility

When customers trust your brand, products, and services, they are more likely to choose to purchase products from your end than selecting your competitors. When you can build trust, you create long-term relationships with them.

Videos bank on emotions. It is as if the people in the video are conversing with your customers. Let us provide you with the tools to create impactful videos.

Videos are appealing to mobile users

Say your customers are inside a train on the commute. Or, they are in school with their friends waiting for the next class. Compared with images, videos on mobile can attract buyers more than anything else. People like watching videos to let time pass by or kill time, and with the growing number of mobile users, your video audience gets bigger and better.

They can explain your products and services better than other media

Whether you are launching a new product or explaining infographics related to your offerings, videos are known to explain better your products and services better than images and other media. People learn more about your product or service. This is why businesses like to post videos on their website homepages.


Or, you may try to explain complicated concepts. Animated videos can work best. They breathe life to ideas that no other forms of media can. They combine entertainment, nostalgia as if you are back to childhood and simplicity.

Videos attract even the most uninterested buyers

Such videos are preferred learning tools because they are easy to digest. Today’s life makes it improbable for a person to skim through a document or realize that the print advertisement tells them. People prefer to know about the product in action. Video is one of the most effective content marketing campaigns.

They are perfect for social media sharing

Browsing your social media news feed, you can see images, articles, videos, and more. What attracts you the most? The video format should be one of them. Videos are easy to share online, and it duplicates the customers’ knowledge about your products and offers, thus increasing your sales and revenue.

Never miss an opportunity with our comprehensive video marketing service

  • 95 percent of businesses say the video is better when making people understand their products
  • 87 percent of marketers say videos contribute to increasing their traffic
  • 83 percent are saying videos are useful in generating leads
  • 89 percent of business owners report satisfactory and even beyond expectations ROI when they share products via videos
  • Over 55 percent of consumers say they have watched videos while shopping in-store, whether online or offline stores
  • 95 percent of video marketers say they are interested in increasing their investments in videos

Questions to Ask When Hiring Video Marketers

Some agencies believe revenue from video assets are both the cooperation of the video marketer and the client, you. Partner with agencies that take time and invest efforts in the pre-production process when understanding your business, sales process, and prospects.

Your website should uplift your brand, generate leads, and gather sales. The best partnership with agencies is those that fulfill your needs. Creating the videos involve the right strategies, driving leads, traffic, and so much more.

The video creation phases are essential because they will make or break the output. Clients should be aware of the processes used to create the video, including the time, budget, the editing process, and the like. Feel free to ask video marketers about the process to evaluate if they are the right people. Their creativity and ability are essential, but their regard for the techniques are also critical.

Big ideas work, but you are bound to fail if they are not what you are looking for. Coordinate with the video production team to stay informed of the ideas they can offer. They should be able to create the stories from what you are searching for, and then they should be able to piece them together toward the final video.

Asking for samples is the best way to move forward before hiring the video marketing service. This will allow you to see their attention to detail, as well as their professionalism, helping you accomplish your goals.

Why Choose Carnegie Marketing?

About 55% of individuals only spend 15 seconds on web pages

With Carnegie Marketing, you do not get the best video marketing services, but the team is also hands-on, monitoring every step of the process.

Most consumers utilize the Internet to search for businesses

Our customizable video marketing campaigns will ensure proper communication with clients, relating to them in terms understandable, so they can value and appreciate your products even more.

75% of people do not jump from the first page on Google

We take pride in our extensive experience in the best of digital marketing. We take time to study your business to work on your projects and give them the attention they require.

We are a certified partner of Google Ads

What your business needs are a strong online presence. Staying relevant is crucial, and Carnegie Marketing has the tools to make this happen.