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Do you know that Facebook currently has more than 223 million users in the United States?

Are you aware that almost 75% of people in the country within the 18-24 age bracket use Instagram?

If you own a business or are a brand manager, you cannot overlook these stats. The simple conclusion is that your business is losing a lot of potential customers by not being on these popular social networking platforms.

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But the vast popularity of these platforms has already made businesses not only in the USA but across the world build a strong social presence. So, your job is no longer limited to having a business page on these platforms. You need to compete with the businesses and gain an edge over them to boost your brand and attract more consumers.

Carnegie Marketing’s SMO (Social Media Optimization) service can be your gateway to social success. As one of the leading SMO service providers in the USA, we work with several brands across industries, helping them boost their presence on all the popular social networking platforms.

We can help build a custom SMO strategy for your business to help you achieve solid outcomes that can take you closer to your business goals. From increasing your reach, improving brand awareness and authority to engaging with potential and existing customers, social platforms provide businesses with vast opportunities.
Carnegie Marketing and its team of young professionals can help you take maximum advantage of these opportunities.

Importance of Social Media Optimization

To understand why SMO is critical for every business, big or small, it is imperative first to understand what Social Media Optimization is. Think of SMO as an amalgamation of SMM (Social Media Marketing) and SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

It is a two-pronged strategy aimed at enhancing your presence on social platforms and simultaneously helping your webpages rank higher in SERPs (Search Engine Ranking Pages).

As the world is turning into a digital village, no business can afford to overlook vital issues related to customer interaction and online visibility. This is exactly what our SMO service can help you with.

If used correctly, SMO can be a very powerful weapon in your digital arsenal. It can not only help you engage with potential and existing customers on social platforms but can also bring in organic traffic to your webpages by boosting your rankings on search engines.

It can enable you to connect all your social endeavors in a seamless manner so that all your potential customers can be guided towards the digital destination you select. It can be increasing brand awareness for some businesses, while others might aim for more traffic and sales. But no matter what the objective is, SMO as a strategy can deliver lasting results.

With years of SMO experience, our understanding of common business challenges across industries is like no other. We can create powerful SMO strategies to help your business overcome these challenges and build a solid presence not only on social platforms but the internet.

What Makes Our SMO Service Effective?

There is no single SMO strategy that can work for every business. Every business is different and so are their challenges and objectives. While we focus on delivering customized SMO solutions to our clients, here is a brief overview of what the strategies revolve around-

  • Reputation Building
  • Building Brand Authority
  • Improving Engagement
  • Social Presence
  • Establishing Industry Leadership
  • Harnessing Social Platforms to Maximizing Influence
  • Technical Optimization
Search Engine Optimization

These are the benchmarks that enable Carnegie Marketing to build dynamic SMO strategies that guarantee lasting results.

We understand that you want to see results and want them fast. But the digital world is now saturated to the extent that it is impossible to generate quick results, especially if you want them to help you achieve long-term business goals.

So, rather than focusing our resources on such quick-fix strategies, we prefer working towards ethical market practices to ensure consistent results that actually help your brand in the longer run. We never guarantee any quick results as we understand that such results are seldom effective when it comes to the overall digital growth of your business.

Social Media Optimization

Steps We Follow to Build Custom SMO Strategies

Based on the benchmarks listed above, we work our way towards creating custom SMO solutions for our clients. The SMO process we implement has a lot to do with our success. Right from our inception, we believed that the digital world is dynamic. There is no one-size-fits-all solution that can be used by every business.

Our belief has only strengthened with time, and we have consistently upgraded our practices to better match the latest trends and technologies. With millions of businesses across the world now competing on the internet, it is only a solution customized as per your requirements that can deliver reliable results.

Here is a quick overview of how our SMO service works-

  1. Initial consultation with the client
  2. Market research and analysis
  3. Analysis of current social media and web presence
  4. Understand major roadblocks and target audience
  5. Creating custom solutions that focus on primary issues
  6. Consistently work towards improving brand awareness
  7. Technical SMO optimization
  8. Engaging with existing and potential customers
  9. Improving website exposure
  10. Tracking social and website growth

The world of SMO is extensive and challenging. It is not always easy for brands to understand what will and will not work for them. Our SMO service experts have vast experience in building and implementing result-oriented strategies.

We also follow all the latest SMO trends and technologies to provide our clients with maximum value for every penny they spend.

Why Carnegie Marketing for SMO Service in USA?

Here are some of the reasons that are responsible for our exceptional reputation in the industry-

  • Young team of bright and experienced SMO professionals
  • Extensive experience of working with clients across industries
  • Customized yet affordable solutions
  • Ethical strategies to deliver long-term success
  • Detailed reporting
  • Transparent communication

Your association with Carnegie Marketing will ensure that you always have SMO experts you can rely upon for all of your digital needs. We don’t just build custom strategies but also implement them in a way to ensure maximum success. Clients are updated regularly throughout the process to keep them in the loop and help them understand the intricacies of the SMO world.

If effective and lasting SMO results are what your business is aiming for, Carnegie Marketing can be the best solution.

SMO Services FAQ

While SEO primarily deals with optimizing your webpages for search engines, SMO is more about growing your brand on popular social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.

As more and more people now use these platforms for communication, entertainment, and shopping, your business can lose a lot of potential customers by not having a solid social presence. This is what makes SMO such a critical component of any successful digital strategy.

Your presence on social platforms is now a vital consideration for search engines like Google. The number of people that engage with your social profile, the reviews your products and services receive on social platforms, etc., are vital for your ranking.

Moreover, SMO is also an excellent way to increase website traffic. As the website traffic will improve, it will automatically convert into improved search engine rankings.

It is not possible for us to mention any fixed timeframe as there are a lot of factors involved in the process. For instance, your existing presence on social platforms, digital objective, target audience, number of followers, and level of engagement are some of the most vital factors.

As these factors can vary between brands, so will the amount of time it will take to witness solid results. If this is a new business and it is the first time that you will be creating a social page, it can take a few months to see any significant change in your presence and following.

Yes, it is possible to do SMO on your own. In fact, a lot of work that employees from different departments in an office do can be done by a single individual. But the problem is, the individual will not be left with adequate time to focus on every aspect of all the different departments. The same is true for SMO too.

As SMO is now such a vital component of any digital strategy, it is necessary for businesses to have experts with extensive experience to handle their digital initiatives.

While we do offer monthly plans under our SMO services, it is not possible for us to fix the price of our services if you want us to work on a project from scratch. Factors like your SMO goal, timeframe, expectations, etc., can help us provide a more accurate estimate.

You can get in touch with us to discuss your requirements, and we can provide you a free quote.

Boost Your Digital Growth with the Best SMO Service in USA

The vast popularity of social platforms is an opportunity of a lifetime for businesses. You know that your potential customers are using these platforms. The only thing left for you to do is to ensure that your business is present on these platforms where the customers are.

Our SMO services are your best bet to ensure that your brand is presented to your target audience on popular social platforms in a way that they cannot ignore you.

Contact us to know more about our SMO services and take the right step towards scaling your business.

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