Pay Per Click (PPC) Marketing

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The digital marketing tides are shifting and many companies are looking for fast, effective ways to position their brands in front of high-converting customers. Increase your search engine visibility and get immediate results with Carnegie Marketing Agency’s PPC management services.
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Why Carnegie Marketing

Real People

As our client, you will be assigned an account manager that’s a real person here in our office – no outsourcing or automated software. Your manager will be the one taking care of the behind-the-scenes work and will have an open line of communication with you.

Google Certified Partner

Carnegie Marketing is a Google Partner, which means we have gone through training and certification and continually work to meet Google’s high standards based on the results we’re providing for our clients.


It’s in both of our best interests to establish clear, accurate tracking. The numbers don’t lie, so we’ll get your site set up with the necessary tracking to ensure that we can both see the results of your PPC ads.

No Strings Attached

One of the key differentiators between Kite Media and Las Vegas’ other digital marketing agencies is that we don’t require any term commitments. In fact, if you cancel with us, we’ll even let you keep your Google Ads account and all of the work that we put into it.

Brand Identity

PPC is the most efficient and effective form of digital advertising

PPC is much more targeted, and therefore has the potential to be much more successful, than traditional advertising. There are a number of advertisement networks that offer PPC services, but the most popular are:

  • Google Ads
  • Bing Ads (offering reach to Bing, Yahoo, and Microsoft)
  • Facebook Ads
  • Instagram Ads

Google Ads, the most popular, works like this: if you sell winter gear on your website, a PPC campaign will enable you to ‘bid’ on any keywords of your choosing that you believe your customers will be searching for. 

PPC gives nearly instantaneous feedback on efficacy

Imagine that when you handed out a business card, you were able to get instant feedback on how interested that specific person was in your product or service. Imagine that you could then create dozens of styles of business cards and ensure that each individual buyer or potential customer got the card that would best showcase your company for their specific needs. This is essentially what PPC is like. We get immediate data on which ads are being clicked on by potential customers, and which ones are actually converting to leads for you.
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Organic Link Acquisition

Use your PPC results as the roadmap for all of your advertising

PPC gives you the ability to view highly detailed data on your advertisements:

  • Which ads are being clicked
  • Which ads are converting leads
  • Most effective keywords and ad types

You control exactly how much you spend each day, week, or month, and you get the data necessary so you can shift your budget toward the top-performing ads and keywords.

Benefits Of PPC

Reach Customers On All Devices

With the ever-increasing trend toward mobile searches and time spent on mobile devices, your business can’t afford to miss out on potential customers that are on their smartphones. Pay-per-click advertising with Google Ads provides several channels to get in front of your customers on any device – smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop computers online.

Fast Turnaround

One of the perks of pay-per-click is the relatively quick turnaround time. Unlike search engine optimization (SEO) that requires months to begin gaining traction, PPC allows you to have ads up and running in a very short amount of time. This makes pay-per-click a great option for any business, especially those that need to get in front of new customers quickly.

Accurate Tracking

The trackability of PPC is one of it’s greatest strengths. Through your website, Google Ads, call tracking & Google Analytics, we can create a means to definitively track the results of your ad spend. In addition, Google Ads and Google Analytics give you the added benefit of real-time reporting. You can access your reporting dashboard at any time, 24/7, to see how your ads are performing.

Success is in the details

Pay-per-click advertising can be an awesome way to improve your website’s visibility within search results and increase brand awareness for your business as a whole. Likewise, it can also be an easy way to drain time and money if you or your PPC service provider utilize an ineffective strategy. The success of any PPC ad campaign lies in the seemingly minute details that can be easily overlooked. As a result, it’s common for businesses to miss the mark when it comes to PPC.
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Questions to Ask Pay Per Click Agency

Ads that appear in search results are targeted to meet a specific audience and often earn almost half of all page clicks. Users who click on paid ads are usually ready to make a decision and therefore more likely to buy a product or service by comparison to an organic visitor. With PPC ads, your ads are targeted for the online users searching for your type of business. This can make a significant impact on your bottom line.

The cost of running a PPC ad campaign varies. Different cost factors include your industry type, business type and business size. These will influence the pricing of your PPC ad campaign. Pricing can also be affected by the type of strategy you're rolling out. However, expect to spend up to $5,000 per month for a small-to-medium company. This price includes both your ad spend and professional services from your chosen PPC agency.

Your PPC costs must be calculated based on your bid, your targeting and your ad quality. The amount of money you're willing to spend for a user to click on your ad is called your bid. You enter your bid into an ad auction and the highest bidder wins, so you could end up paying less than your bid amount, but never more. Targeting factors include all aspects of your goal, from the keywords you’re ranking for to the demographics of your audience. The more competitively you want to target, the higher the costs. For instance, bidding on a very competitive keyword costs more because it features a higher cost-per-click (CPC). Google also monitors the quality of your ads. If your ad quality is high, you can often maintain lower costs because Google will rank your ad ahead of competitors with low-quality ads. Understanding and accounting for all of these factors are how you determine your PPC budget.

PPC is a flexible online advertising method that lets you create a budget and adjust it at any time necessary. Most importantly, you can target your ideal audience directly, which is impossible with traditional advertising or digital marketing campaigns. The insights gleaned from the data tracked from PPC campaigns is invaluable because it gives you a better idea of your users' behavior. Your paid advertising campaigns appear ahead of all organic results in search results, helping you to instantly outrank your competitors and support your search engine optimization (SEO) efforts.

Why Pay Per Click Advertising is a Great Investment