Carnegie Marketing: A Top-Pick for an Orange County Web Design Company

Carnegie Marketing is an Orange County Web Design company that understands the importance of quality and aesthetic web design, especially that these characteristics shouldn’t be understated in today’s increasingly peculiar market.

What most websites fail to do is to have a human connection. That is already very much needed to drive better engagement and increased traffic.

User-centric Strategy

Carnegie Marketing banks in improving user engagement through highly visual content and elaborate details. User relatable designs make it easier for visitors to navigate through the site. It will also suffice their needs for information by availing everything needed just a click away.

Furthermore, we make sure that UI and UX designs intertwine with each other. This is to create a better overall user experience for site visitors. These two areas heavily impact the site’s success and how marketable it will become in the long run.

This is supported by an Adobe’s report which states that 38% of people leave a website if the content or layout is unappealing. Carnegie Marketing understands this very well. Which is why we enable our teams to carry visual tests on different devices to ensure the utmost aesthetic appeal.

Multi-device Compatibility

We value multi-device interactions to ensure users can always reach you via mobile phone, tablets, or computers. Our websites are optimized on all devices. Rest assured that the content arrangement will change to the device’s resolution and size to give the best user experience.

Half of all visitors, potential customers, are most likely to leave your website if it is unappealing or outdated. It’s even worse if it’s hard to navigate. A website should have a well-coded user interface and strong design to maximize profits.

Fortunately, Carnegie Marketing understands all these factors. That’s why we ensure all our programmers and web designers are highly skilled and updated with contemporary technologies. They’re also passionate about building visually appealing and highly intuitive websites.

At Carnegie Marketing, we seriously recognize the need for excellent web design. This is directly related to business and marketing success.

Professionalism and Expertise

Our expert programmers and creative web designers have more than 15 years of experience in designing user interfaces. They are experts in developing websites from scratch. As well as having expertise in connecting digital products to customer’s immediate needs.

Based in California, we pride ourselves in numerous web design industry awards, which have kept our flag flying high. We also have experienced a massive increase in our customer pool over the past decade.

With well over three-hundred successful clients looking upon us to deliver, we guarantee your satisfaction. Our web designs will not only be appealing but will also be highly functional and geared towards maximizing profits and increasing web traffic.

We are a user-centered web design firm that places huge importance on attention. We focus on every single detail when developing digital products to ensure that they meet the users’ needs and wants.

Orange County Web Design Services Offered

UI and UX Design

Carnegie Marketing offers numerous digital services. But our most popular is our UI/UX design services. We provide professionally curated UI design and UX design for various industries.

While focusing on crafting highly intuitive user interfaces, we also improve the user experience. This ensures your developed websites offer the best engagement to your audiences. 

We also create prototype design solutions after our careful conceptualization process. Our goals are always aligned with the specific business objectives.

Our designs go beyond mere visual excellence as our designs are made for fully functional interfaces. Whether they be for mobile, web, tablet, or other platforms. Furthermore, we are also adept at designing custom illustrations and icons.

Web Development

Our Orange County Web Design team is a web design company that brings your vision to reality. We do this by building beautiful and complex corporate websites, organizational websites, ecommerce sites, blogs, and personal websites. 

We utilize the latest programming frameworks, including HTML5, CSS, Javascript, PHP, Python, among others to ensure we exceed your expectations.

All the websites our Orange County Web Design team build are fully responsive and have very fast response times. We have expertise in multiple programming languages and use modern programming frameworks to shorten the delivery timeline.

In addition, we also use content management systems (CMS) such as WordPress, Joomla, and Wix to build websites. Our CMS custom and modern websites enhance user experience.

Digital Marketing

The Orange County Web Design team has both skill and passion to bring our clients’ brands to the ultimate level. Our successful digital marketing strategies are second to none.

Our digital marketing campaign includes both SEO and social media management. These areas are highly in-demand and saturated these days. It would be a huge loss for clients not to dwell in these areas.

Fortunately, the Orange County Web Design team ensures that all clients leverage all marketing platforms. These include channels via SEO, social media management, and PPC campaigns.

Orange County Web Design Experience

Since 2000, Carnegie Marketing Web Design has been working to improve our already excellent web design services. This gives us a unique perspective on web design and development. We have worked with many local businesses to boost their online presence.

Through time, we have gained insights into our many diverse clients. And in the process, implemented them into our designs and processes. This led to us creating ever-more intuitive web designs that are attractive and functional.

The Orange County Web Design team applies all our experience in website design, website development, and digital marketing. Along with our passion and skill to better serve our valued clientele.

Our Orange County Web Design experts also bring valuable insights and personal touches to our projects. This makes them more understanding and relatable to the mass public.

Contact Us

Carnegie Marketing web design ensures all our clients are satisfied with our web design services. All the work from the Orange County Web Design team is aesthetic, functional, and intuitive.

Most importantly, we understand the bottom line. Our mission is geared towards maximizing profits via increased traffic and conversion rates for your website. Feel free to contact us at 714-709-0531 or visit our website at for more information.