Tips on How You Can Make Money on Instagram

The era of social media is here with us. Anything social media can’t pass without mentioning Instagram. Many influencers are leveraging the platform’s many perks to make a living out of it. If you want to join the wagon and learn how to make money on Instagram, the process can be either daunting or a walk in the park, depending on your skill level. 

Tips on How You Can Make Money on Instagram

The seemingly limitless feed of chic, striking photos and snapshots has made Instagram the sensation of the internet. Billions of active users login into this darling platform to connect with other users, express their love for art, and commercialize their activities.

Armed with the right strategies, you can earn big bucks on Instagram. And the exciting bit of it is that you don’t need to have over 100K followers. Yes, we understand the urge and pressure to have more followers. But when you need to make money on Instagram, the number of followers should be the least of your worries. We’ll break it down to you in a bit!

Does the number of Instagram followers matter?

The number of followers is important, but it’s not the primary concern when it comes to making money on Instagram.  Like with web traffic in SEO, having massive traffic is crucial, but it has to be quality traffic.  

It’s all dependent on several factors:

  • The product niche you deal with and how you can quickly relate it to a specific product category.  
  • How active are your existing followers? 
  • The channels of revenue generation you’re exploring. 
Tips on How You Can Make Money on Instagram

Even though popular IG users earn thousands of dollars from a single post, those with a small number but active followers also stand a chance to make money on Instagram. It all boils down to the quality of followers on your bandwagon!

Make money on Instagram

Instagram is a rich platform that anyone serious about their venture can leverage and reap big out of it. There are hundreds of ways people make money on Instagram, but we’ll have a look at the top five. We believe even the freshest newbies can use these to earn big bucks. 

Become an influencer 

Influencers are people whose opinion on a particular subject is highly regarded by others. On Instagram, an influencer is a trendsetter, an entertainer, an expert. By becoming an influencer, you can partner up with brands to make money via sponsored posts. 

This strategy will work well for you if you’re the type of person that attracts attention with the slightest actions. More often, influencers are known celebrities who probably are musicians, actors, among other big names. But individuals with engaging and active content can also become influencers. 

The good thing about this strategy is that you won’t have to deal with the stresses of e-commerce. All you have to do is make highly creative and engaging content, then tie it to a product or service from a particular brand. It has to sound original and convincing to your followers or audience. 

Tips on How You Can Make Money on Instagram

The downside to this strategy, though, is that you might not land a big brand quickly. Plus, the internet is also full of scammers who target aspiring influencers. 

Hop into Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is more inclined towards sales conversion than creating brand awareness through sponsored content. In short, as an affiliate marketer, you’ll make money on Instagram when your audiences make a purchase. 

The advantage of this strategy is that you won’t have to create the products or execute orders.  Your part would be to convince your followers to buy the product or service you’re marketing. 

On the downside, you’ll need a firm strategy to ensure that you grow consistently without irritating your followers. Another issue is that some users assume affiliate marketing as scamming and may find it unconvincing. 

When pursued appropriately with ethics, affiliate marketing is an excellent marketing angle to make money on Instagram. You can do it in a simple way, such as showcasing yourself using a product. For example, flaunting your body in a beautiful pair of sweatpants. Then, sharing a link for your audience to buy the same.

Sometimes promo codes with marginal discounts can be provided to lure users. The links and promo codes issued are used to identify sales generated by your efforts.

Be Your Own Boss, Sell your Products

This strategy entails implementing the whole idea of e-commerce. It goes beyond marketing and creating brand awareness. 

Here, you utilize your Instagram influencer presence brand to sell your products rather than others’. It could be your fashion line of apparel, a coffee table book with popular pics, or farm produce. You can also use it to become an expert consultant on certain issues. If you already have a running business, it makes even more sense to use Instagram as part of your marketing campaigns. 

Tips on How You Can Make Money on Instagram

Converting your Instagram audience into your customers can be less strenuous compared to other strategies. And the fact that e-commerce platforms such as Shopify are on the rise, it becomes simpler to run a successful business online. 

The web offers a plethora of possibilities to creators to make money and live the life they desire. Instagram, the most popular social media platform, has become the center stage for brands to market themselves and make successful sales conversions. With some professional guidance, you too can be part of the wagon that makes money on Instagram.  

If you’re not the influencer type, one who attracts thousands of followers easily, you can still make money on Instagram. Find a reputable social media marketing firm to help you set up your venture successfully on Instagram and start earning big.