Digital Marketing Strategy

Marketing has always been a powerful tool to make your customers aware of your product and engage them with your product, thereby making a sale. Since ancient times, marketing has been implemented where the masses most often congregate or pass by. In this modern era, with the power of digitalization vested in us, we see that most of our customers use the internet.This gives us more scope to identify, connect and engage with them through ‘Digital Marketing’.

So what exactly is digital marketing?

Digital marketing is any type of online marketing in California  that attracts potential customers online. Yes, the same customers who are available over the internet through various channels to you. You need to leverage the power of social media, emails, and websites to meet and engage with new customers who use the internet to obtain new products and services.

The basic role that digital marketing plays in this attention centered economy is getting noticed. It generates leads and helps convert leads into purchasing customers.

What to focus on when trying to generate leads through digital marketing campaigns

There are 8 primary things that you need to focus on while you create a digital marketing campaign.

1. Search engine optimization (SEO)

2. Content Marketing

3. Email Marketing

4. Social Media Marketing

5. Pay per click ads

6. Website designing

7. Testimonials/Blogs

8. Marketing Analytics tool

Out of all the components, SEO is the most important component. Let us understand why this is the case.

What is SEO?

These are the keywords or phrases that come to the minds of the customer when he/she is trying to search for something over the web. The focus of the digital marketer is to identify those words and use them to create engaging content for potential new customers.

It needs to be something easy, swift, and identifiable by the customers to establish an interest. The process requires organization of the content in a way that helps the website rank higher in search results and get noticed by a customer interested in your product.

How does SEO work?

Think of the pages over the internet as a library and every web page being indexed and sorted through categories that will be stored in that library. When you enter your request into the search box, a lot of artificial intelligence and machines are behind the scenes trying to match the best pages with your search queries.

Steps for improved SEO

a. Be sure to optimize your content, mention service areas, and maintain a neutral and natural tone throughout your website. 

b. Optimizing content location-wise by using specific keywords, this would enhance your geographical SEO

This will increase your rankings, organic traffic, and lead conversions.

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