Content Marketing

The Pareto principle says that 20% of the content will generate traction and contribute to 80% of the sales. The major focus and highlight of your web page should be how you direct your customers towards your Call to Action (CTAs).

It is one of the most valuable strategic marketing methodologies that targets the creation and distribution of relevant content to capture and retain the attention of the customer, thereby focusing the customer towards the CTA. 

Focus Areas for Content Marketing-

• Creating the buyer personas and understanding what their content preferences are – Your storytelling journey in content marketing starts by mapping your story to the customer journey and their touch-points. You should follow communication channels that they prefer and the format that they are most likely to notice.

• Segmenting the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that can be improved upon through Content Marketing – For example lead generation, traffic building and so on look at the content that would help in achieving the overall organizational goals.

• Metrics to gauge success of content marketing strategy – The traffic on your webpage, the number of people going through your product and service portfolio, the number of people finally extending hands to make a deal are a few of the common metrics that can help you understand whether the overall online marketing in California efforts have been in the right direction.

• Collaboration with key influencers in your industry – This would show your peers and your followers that you are abreast with the changing trends and can make quick collaborations with the next generation leaders.

• Competition Analysis – It is always essential to look out for your competition and study their offerings to be a step ahead in the race. Understand their product/service portfolio to compare with your own offerings. Then adding a few additional but relevant features of your own product as a point of differentiation will be helpful for content production.

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