Local Citation Building

The Integral Step to Making Your Business Known

Running a business in an already flooded market is challenging. It can also drain your perseverance as you try to balance between managing the business and marketing it. Local citation building makes it easier for users to find your business in a geographical area. It also greatly impacts your local SEO rankings. Working with Orange County SEO experts can help you create more effective listings to give your business the focus it needs.

But listing your business on a local citation alone isn’t enough. You need to make sure that it’s easier to spot it for the services and products that internet users are looking for. At Carnegie Marketing, we specialize in building citations to help businesses present themselves to prospects. We cater to small, medium, and multi-outlet businesses that need to reach their local customer base. 

The Integral Step to Making Your Business Known

What Is Citation Building?

From your schoolwork, you probably have a rough idea of what citations are already. Citations are online mentions of a business’s details by a third-party site or local directory like Angi and Yelp. Of late, Facebook has also joined the list of sites offering local business citations.

These details include the name, address, and phone number (NAP). To a broader extent, it can also include operation hours, services and products, and links to social media pages.  There are no limitations to where the business details can occur. Review sites, business directories, local media firms, Google My Business, and social media can cite your business to increase visibility.

Local SEO campaigns need to ensure that businesses have citations on Google My Business, Facebook, Microsoft Bing Maps, and Yelp. That way, your business can get increased traffic, rank boost, and backlinks at the same time. The real work lies in getting your business cited in these local business directories. With the help of Orange County SEO experts, you can get your business listings on the popular platforms and increase traffic and sales.

What Do You Get From Citation Building?

Why should you focus on building citations? Apart from helping local prospects discover your venture, it can also greatly impact your local SEO rankings. By properly managing many citations, you can enhance data accuracy and make your business search engine-friendly.

What Do You Get From Citation Building
Increase Your Local SEO Ranking

Google’s local search algorithms will create a preference for your business if you have many accurate citations with authentic data. As such, your search engine rankings will also improve.

Boost Website Traffic

Potential customers can easily discover your venture when your local citations are excellent quality. In turn, your foot and online traffic can increase by a hundredfold.

More Cost-effective Strategy

Compared to marketing options such as Pay Per Click (PPC), local citation building is more cost-effective.

Enhance Brand Visibility

Local citations help prospects discover your brand faster and hence improves your brand reputation and visibility.

Get Your Local Citation Building Service from the Experts

Seeking citation services from Carnegie Marketing guarantees that the prospects looking for your business will find you anywhere online. We use entirely manual processes to ensure that your website URL appears in local directories.

Since we deal with all the business directory platforms, we understand all the requirements for submitting business details. Perhaps you’re wondering why not just do it yourself. There’s nothing wrong with DIYing it, but the concern is that it’s almost impossible to avoid making mistakes. As such, it might take you much longer to get your business listed on the top directories.

For instance, errors in links can make it difficult for prospects to find you if your focus is on Orange County SEO strategies. But when you leave the task to experts, we can accurately submit your business information as required. And in return, you’ll get elevated traffic, enhanced local SEO ranking, and link juice.

Our Citation Building Service

Why Choose Our Citation Building Services?

Our services are extensive and tailor-made to suit your business needs. Here are a couple of reasons to let us build your local citations for your business:

We do manual business listing

When the process is automated, it’s difficult to spot minor errors that can damage your citations. Our expert team carefully does manual input of your business details into more relevant directories.

We use authoritative platforms only

When submitting your business listing, the platform must have an authoritative domain name. That’s especially necessary because Google fetches data about a business from multiple websites. If those platforms are unauthentic, it can result in a high spam score and eventually damage your SERP ranking. If you operate in Florida, work with reputable Jacksonville SEO firms to increase your business listing’s popularity in authoritative platforms.

We issue detailed reports for every submission

Building your business citations without a report of how submitted listings are performing isn’t effective local SEO marketing. At Carnegie Marketing, we give detailed reports for every submission ever done. The reports contain platforms that listings were submitted on, dates of verification, details of the submission, and more.

Only Pay for Approved Listings

Marketing is expensive, and at Carnegie Marketing, we understand that better than most. That’s why we will charge you for the approved listings only. That way, we give the local businesses in Texas the chance to grow their popularity with limited budgets. This makes us the SEO Dallas preferred firm. 

Complete control over your listings
We understand that every venture is different, and that’s why we don’t do one-size-fits-all solutions. We’ll give you better coverage on leading citation websites and enable you to build citations on hundreds of niche sites. You’ll get listings on sites that relate to your business the most and contribute to a higher SEO impact.
The listing is your property, forever!

Some Jacksonville SEO or Chicago SEO companies charge a monthly fee for every business listing. As such, you’re left in a rental cycle and will never own the listing.  If you opt to leave, the listing disappears or reverts to what it was before.

But with us, any listing built becomes your property forever, along with all details, so no recurring fees are charged.

You may not always have time to do everything you need to do. Leave it to us! We’ll handle your citation building so you can focus on client relationships and attracting more customers.